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The ups and downs of a young couple in love trying to make a baby.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Bad Lorns!

The title would refer to the fact that I haven't updated for over a week. I am giving myself a hand-slap as we speak promise. So, what exciting and all manner of thrilling things has your intrepid blogger been up to this week or so you ask? Hmmm, let me think....well, I finished work on Friday. Yay! I still haven't quite managed to finish all my paoerwork yet but hopefully will get it done this week. I also have a conference called 'Time for Tutors' on this week. I went to it last year and it was quite interesting and informative but this year it is three days instead of one. Fun.

We've a couple of breaks coming up that I am looking forward to. Rich is FINALLY finishing on site this week which means the poor boy is allowed more than one day off a week. He has booked a week off and we are planning to go up North to visit the in-laws for a few days. Since they live in the country it is actually really relaxing to get away from it all up there, so we are hoping for nice weather, lying in the garden reading, taking Petra (the dog) for walks and barbeques. Bliss. I have also booked a flight down to Bristol for a few days with my mum. My sister's boyfriend lives down there at the moment and Pamela is going down to spend the summer with him. She is worried she may be bored with him at work so begged big Mags and I to go down and visit her. His place is tiny so we have booked a hotel instead. It'll be a nice break and it also means I get to meet up with one of my friends from MV, and meet her new little baby.

Anyway, it is Sat. night here and Rich made us a gorgeous dinner (which I felt no guilt on gorging on as Pam and I had been to the gym earlier) and we watched Father of the Bride. Yep, we're losers. I actually bought FotB 1 AND 2 today but fell asleep on the couch before I could watch 2, so will save that delight til tomorrow.

Anyway, Rich is working tomorrow and I am really sleepy for some reason so ta-ta my friends!

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Me right now. I took my students on their trip today. Note to self, next time going on a trip with wheelchair users, go somewhere less hilly. Must sleep. Au Revoir my sweets.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Third Post (Oh I give up)

Well here I am refreshed and revitalised after a lovely weekend. We have actually had quite a busy one. It was beautiful weather on Fri evening so Rich and I took a bottle of champers (btw you may or may not have noticed I have a *slight* champagne addiction) to the park and sat and enjoyed that, before going to have a drink in Big Blue, which overlooks the river. Then, randomly, we got a phonecall from our friend Steve, who we haven't spoken to for ages. It was actually thorough Steve that Rich and I met, Steve was my next door neighbour in halls (I used to have dreams about bashing through the wall and killing him which made him quite scared) and was on Rich's course. Anyway, it was really nice to see him and we had big, drunken conversations that probably made no sense. Anyway, to cut a long story short, R and I woke up on Sat. morning, fully clothed, on top of our bed. Ugh, we are too damn old for such antics. And poor R had to go to work. Needless to say we took it easy on Sat. night, takeaway pizza and snuggling on the couch.

Today, we worked out at the gym for just under two hours and then went to the West End Festival ( witth our friends Olly and Emma. The sun was shining as walked up and down Byres Road, enjoying the music, drinking beer and muching on the most delicious sausages from Heart Buchanan. We then went and sat in the Botanic Gardens reading the Sunday papers. An ideal Sunday indded.

Off to Edinburgh with my students tomorrow so best go get a good night's sleep. Mwah blogspot world.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

My second post (where I have quickly run out of amusing comments to put in brackets)

Woohoo, post two. That'll be one more than I have ever achieved before. It'll have to be a quickie as Rich is already in bed and is moaning because I am not. Well I am very impressed with myself because today I did a big workout at the gym with my sis, I even managed the dreaded treadmill. Yay me!
So tomorrow I am taking my students out for lunch, which I know they are all so excited about. And then on Monday I am taking another group of students to Edinburgh. Busy, busy. I love taking them on trips but the responsibility is kinda scary, especially since we have two wheelchair users that need to use public transport. Still, i know they are going to have a great time, which is the most important thing.
Anyway time to go to bed for this little lady. i am so sleepy I fell asleep in the car when Rich was taking Pam (my sis) home. Because of course we had to do the obligatory post gym yummy lunch and it may or may not have included some cava ;)

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

First post (where I draw you in with my wittty prose)

Well here I am, trying to do this again. I have started about three blogs but always forget the password/username etc but I am really, really going to try with this one, I promise!

So me, Lorna. I am 26, about to be married to the absolute, no question about it, love of my life Richard. I work as a college lecturer, Richard is a civil engineer. We are the classic DINKs (double income, no kids). However, we are very desperate to change that and, to use another acronym, I would like to be a SAHM (stay at home mum) very, very much. I figured this blog could be somewhat of an outlet for me as I go up and down the joyous rollercoaster of TTC (trying to conceive). By the way I promise I am not one of those hideous people whose whole life is made of catchy little acronyms, I just post on a message board, where we use them for quickeness, honest guv. (I also promise I am not one of those people who does the 'inverted commas' dance when talking ;) )

So TTCing, it's a bitch to be honest. I suffer from endometriosis (look it up if you care, I'm not a medical journal) and have numerous adhesions in my womb caused by sugeries which makes it harder for me to get pregnant. Well, to be honest, it makes it harder for me to STAY pregnant more than anything. We had a miscarriage in Januray which hit us very hard so we have been taking some time out to regroup. However I am almost ready to buy my ticket and reboard the rollercoaster and this time, my friends, you may join me! To that end i have spent the necessary fifty or so pounds on Amazon, buying books about getting pregnant, staying pregnant, the hilarity of pregnancy etc etc. I am also dosed up on folic acid and the like, the appointment at the doctors for discussing what action to take is made and, toot toot, we're away.

I know my broodiness is bad because, as oppose to the tres expensive clothes shops (see Havvey Nics and others of that ilk) or high end cosmetic shops (Space NK-my love and nemisis all at once) I find myself happy to wander aimlessly around Mothercare World for hours on end, decideding what pushchair to buy (the bugaboo of course), touching the adorable little onesies, drooling over the cute cot linen. Whenever I go into town at the moment I always have a quick look in, y'know, just to see. A friend of mine has just had a baby so Rich came with me to buy a present and we both had mentally furnished the whole of our nursery by the time we were done.

Anyway, on to other thing. This afternoon I have to pop into town (no not to get my mothercare fix ;) ) as I bought a pair of shoes for a wedding and after one wear they look awful so back they go. I really love the shoes so hope it was just a one off and the replacements do not do the same. While in town I will probably indulge in my other guilty pleasure, going to Borders and buying a huge hot chocolate (or maybe, as it is warm, a frappacino) and whiling away an hour or two reading People magazine and US Weekly. Shhhh, don't tell anyone. As it is a beautiful day, when Rich gets home from work I may coerce Rich to come meet me for a nice, cool cocktail in Royal Exchange Square. I am going to the gym tomorrow so no need to feel too guilty.

I really need to start making headway into the masses of paperwork that I have to tackle before the end of term in two weeks but I am lacking in motivation. I absolutely adore teaching but hate all the crappy paperwork that comes with it. As I tend to do a lot of outreach teaching, I do a lot of prep at home, rather than in my office, which gives more opportunity for displacement acivities. I am teaching Friday afternoon so may go into college in the morning to try and put at dent in it. After my timetable being crazy for a few months, I am just working the minimum hours right now as it is so near the end of term it is not worth picking up any extra hours. However, hopefully there is a new post opening up (if funding is approved) and if so I am going for that and have been told (in confidence so shh) that I should be quietly confident. I hope so because I want to extend my hours and would prefer to do them all at the same college, as oppose to at a couple.

Should go have some lunch (mmm brie and crackers) and then do some housework before going into town. Bye for now!